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YOU AGAIN? (NBC 10/15/86) RARE!!!

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Jack Klugman stars as Henry Willows, a man still embittered from his divorce ten years earlier, who had made no effort to see his son Matt (John Stamos) during that time. Henry had become fairly comfortable with his life as a supermarket manager and was not really looking to make major changes to it when Matt arrived looking to stay with his father, whom he hardly knew. The series also co-starred Elizabeth Bennett as Henry’s housekeeper Enid, Valerie Landsburg (best known from “Fame”) as Pam and Barbara Rhoades as Maggie Davis (not scene in this episode).
This DVD contains a rare single episode which features music group The Beach Boys sing "California Dreamin'" and "Surfin' USA".
 “The Audition” - Matt's one-night stand with the Beach Boys could go full time and take him out of school.
NOTES: This American sitcom aired on NBC for two seasons from February 27, 1986 to January 7, 1987. Based on the British series `Home to Roost,' it featured actress Elizabeth Bennett as Enid in both shows.
The aspect ratio is not correct on the DVD - but it does not take away from the enjoyment of seeing this classic show.
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