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POWERS OF MATTHEW STAR, THE (NBC 1982-1983) EXCELLENT QUALITY!!! HARD TO FIND!!! Peter Barton, Louis Gossett, Jr.

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Matthew Star (Peter Barton) was a crown prince on the planet Quadris, twelve light years across the galaxy from Earth. When his planet’s government is overthrown by an intergalactic armada Matthew and his guardian Walt (Louis Gossett, Jr.) are forced to escape to the nearest planet on which they can survive and further his powers in order to someday return to free his people.

Episodes 1 thru 12 feature stories involving Matthew as a typical American high school student with Walt having a job of his school’s science teacher. In an effort to boost ratings, the series format was completely overhauled in the middle of the season and from episodes 13 thru 21 the high school format was jettisoned and Matthew and Walt become secret agents employed by the U.S. military - complete with "signal rings" that glow green when they are needed for an assignment.

Created by Harve Bennett, Steven E. de Souza, the science fiction/adventure series ran on NBC for one season on Friday evenings at 8:00 p.m. (as a lead-in to "Knight Rider"). It also starred Amy Steel ("Friday the 13th, Part 2", "April Fool’s Day") as Pam Elliot and character actor James Karen ("Poltergeist") as Major Wymore. The series ran for a total of 22 episodes.

With episode #22 - "Starr Knight" (the previously unseen 1981 pilot episode) aired as the series finale. Amy Steel (and the high school premise) is back and Matthew is called "David Starr" and is unaware of his alien origins. David has a different Quadrian guardian named Max (who has a mechanical left hand) played by Gerald S. O'Loughlin (“The Rookies”, "Automan", "Our House") who is also the school handyman.

Episode List (with notable guest stars)

1). "Jackal" (Judson Scott, John Crawford)

2). "Accused" (Margaret Avery)

3). "Daredevil" (Paul Regina)

4). "Genius" (Earl Boen, Alan North)

5). "Prediction"

6). "The Italian Caper" (Michael Constantine, John Crawford)

7). "Winning" (Barry Van Dyke)

8). "Endurance" (Barry Van Dyke, Spencer Milligan)

9). "The Triangle" (Robert Sampson, Rudy Solari, Julie Newmar, Jeff Corey, John Crawford) - NOTE: This episode was directed by Leonard Nimoy ("Star Trek")

10). "Mother" (Tricia O'Neil) - NOTE: This episode was written by Walter Koenig ("Star Trek")

11). "Experiment" (John Reilly)

12). "Fugitives"

13). "Matthew Star, D.O.A." (Pat Corley, Amanda Wyss, Nicholas Pryor, David Paymer, Molly Cheek)

14). "The Racer's Edge" (Don Gordon, Joel Brooks)

15). "Deadman's Hand" (Richard Herd, Raymond St. Jacques)

16). "Thirty-Six Hours" (Scott Hylands)

17). "The Quadrian Caper" (Dennis Lipscomb, Laura Johnson)

18). "Brain Drain" (John Vernon, Sharon Acker, Richard Venture, Anne-Marie Martin)

19). "The Great Waldo Shepherd" (Scott Marlowe)

20). "The Road Rebels" (Jonathan Gries, Don Knight)

21). "Swords and Quests" (Kevin Hooks, Martine Bestwick, Hari Rhodes) - NOTE: This episode was directed by Louis Gossett, Jr.

22). "Starr Knight" [the 1981 Pilot] (Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Maxwell Caulfield)

Number of DVDs: 5
Quality: 9.5/10
Running Time: 17 hrs (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.
This set contains the complete series, all 21 episodes + pilot, on 5.
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