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Comedian David Steinberg is the host of an all-star variety show, where the funniest moments all happen behind the scenes. Every week Steinberg welcomes a new celebrity guest who is thrown into the hilarious backstage antics of the show’s eccentric cast. While sketch comedy is performed at the studio, Vinnie DeMilo (Bill Saluga) serves up his own laughs at the "Hello Deli" across the street. The series’ other regular players include Martin Short (singer Johnny Del Bravo) and John Candy (hippie musician Spider Reichman) as well as other stars of SCTV – before they were stars – like Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin and Dave Thomas. (3-disc set)

Disc 1
Episode 1: James Coco
Episode 2: Milton Berle
Episode 3: Tommy Smothers
Episode 4: Adrienne Barbeau
Episode 5: Ed McMahon
Episode 6: Conrad Bain
Episode 9: Jon Voight
Episode 10: Avery Schreiber
Episode 11: Scatman Crothers, Mason Reese
Episode 12: Peggy Cass

Disc 2
Episode 13: Ethel Merman
Episode 14: Robert Vaughn
Episode 15: Ruth Buzzi
Episode 16: Anthony Davis
Episode 17: Marcia Wallace
Episode 18: Joseph Campanella

Disc 3
Episode 19: Norm Crosby
Episode 20: Bill Macy, Samantha Harper
Episode 21: Bob and Ray
Episode 22: Rip Taylor
Episode 23: Michele Lee
Bonus: David Steinberg Interview
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