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JULIA - THE (ALMOST) COMPLETE SERIES (NBC 1968-1971) VERY RARE! Diahann Carroll, Marc Copage, Lloyd Nolan, Lurene Tuttle, Michael Link, Hank Brandt, Betty Beaird

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Julia, starring Diahann Carroll, focused on the story of Julia Baker, an African American woman who was raising her young son Corey (Marc Copage) alone after her husband, an O-1 Bird Dog artillery spotter pilot, was killed in the Vietnam War.

Julia moves to Los Angeles to start a new life, rents an apartment in an integrated building, and takes a job in the aerospace industry as a nurse for Dr. Morton Chegley (Lloyd Nolan) and head nurse Hannah Yarby (Lurene Tuttle).

Corey's best friend is Earl J. Waggedorn (Michael Link, “Stowaway to the Moon”). Earl lives downstairs in the same apartment building with his father Len (Hank Brandt), mother Marie (Betty Beaird) and infant brother.

Julia was considered the first weekly starring vehicle for a black woman since Beulah in the 1950s. During its three seasons run the show received critical acclaim, high ratings and Emmy nominations.

Number of DVDs: 14
Quality: 9.5/10
Number of Episodes: 85/86
Running Time: 31 hrs 32 min (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.  This 14-DVD set contain 85 out of 86 episodes. The missing episode is #4 "Homework Isn't Housework". Unfortunately, the person who originally made this great DVD set was unaware of their mistake. Rewatch Classic TV acquired this title from a trade years ago and does not have the missing episode. Please contact us if you have the "Homework Isn't Housework" episode so we can make this set complete. The photos with the Aspire logo are from the DVDs so you can see the quality is exceptional.
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