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With the blink of her eyes and a nod of her head, Jeannie will make all your wishes come true with this classic TV situation comedy!


Rescued from her bottle (and a deserted island) by U.S. astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman), a scantily clad 2000 year-old genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden) follows him home to Cocoa Beach, Florida and soon becomes his loyal servant and companion. Jeannie uses her magic all the time, trying to help and please her master, but most often causing Tony major headaches along the way.


The cast includes Bill Daily as Captain Roger Healey and Hayden Rorke as Dr. Bellows.
Number of DVDs: 15
Number of Episodes: 139
Quality: 9.5/10
Running Time: 3470 min
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.
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