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This disc features the two episodes in which Mark guest starred as the blind astrophysicist Tobias LeConte on the 1990s NBC series SeaQuest DSV. (Digital, Full Screen, 90 min)
The episodes included are:
"Dream Weaver" - 2/19/95
Seaquest tracks a comet that crashes into the ocean. The comet sinks but an alien life force emerges and begins to engulf Seaquest. A blind astrophysicist (Mark Hamill) and a NASA commander (Kent McCord) join forces with the crew to battle the hostile alien. Eventually the alien takes over one of the crew and begins searching for another of its kind.
"Splashdown" - 5/21/95
After responding to a message from Commander Scott Keller (Kent McCord) the SeaQuest is captured by an alien Mothership and transported to a planet where everything is completely submerged underwater. Once there, the crew is greeted by Tobias LeConte (Mark Hamill) and finds themselves drawn into a civil war and a possible fight to the finish.
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