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Two episodes from 1970s TV series episodes featuring guest star Mark Hamill. (Digital, Full Screen)
EIGHT IS ENOUGH Pilot - "Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense" (3/15/77)
The popular 1970’s ABC drama series centered on a Sacramento, California, family with eight children (from oldest to youngest: David, Mary, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, and Nicholas). The father, Tom Bradford (Dick Van Patten), is a newspaper columnist for the fictional Sacramento Register. In the pilot episode, after 15-year-old Elizabeth (Connie Needham) is arrested for the possession of narcotics, Tom and Joan (Diana Hyland) are faced with the dual problems of raising money for her defense and trying to understand why 21-year-old son David (Mark Hamill) moved away from home after objecting to the way they handled the drug bust.
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY – “Old Scrapmouth” (1/22/71)
Laurie (Susan Dey) gets the bad news that she needs braces just as she thinks Jerry (Mark Hamill), the boy across the street, might finally get up the nerve to ask her to go steady. However, if that wasn't bad enough, Reuben informs the Partridges that they have been booked to appear on a high profile talk show. Things then go from bad to worse when Laurie's braces somehow pick up radio signals during rehearsals and causes her to play a different tune than what the band is. Also stars Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Danny Bonaduce, Dave Madden.
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