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— Saloon Brawl —
Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher vs. Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel
The Sheik vs. Art Thomas (Sheik throws fire!)
Bobo Brazil & Dick the Bruiser vs. The Sheik & Bobby Heenan (September 7, 1974)
Bruno Sammartino & Dick the Bruiser vs. Jimmy & Johnny Valiant
Jimmy Valiant-Pepper Gomez studio incident
Chris Taylor vs. Mad Dog Vachon (June 18, 1974)
Haystacks Calhoun & Moose Cholak vs. Baron Von Raschke & Hans Schmidt
Superstar Billy Graham vs. The Crusher Pepper Gomez has a Volkswagon roll over his stomach (September 7, 1974)
Mark Manson & Pepper Gomez segment
Sgt. Jacques Goulet, Don Fargo & Ox Baker interview
Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel vs. Dusty Rhodes & The Crusher (May 17, 1975)
Crusher & Irene (interview)
Kim Duk & Mitsu Arakawa attack Pepper Gomez
Don Fargo & Jacques Goulet steal Pepper Gomez's hat
Ox Baker, Bobby Heenan
Don Fargo & Jacques Goulet attack Moose Cholak
Ernie Ladd vs. Ox Baker
Muhammad Ali vs. Buddy Wolfe (referee Verne Gagne)
"Do It With Soul" - Dusty Rhodes interview
Run time: 1 hour, 38 minutes
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