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In a rare starring role, character comedian Edward Everett Horton plays a civic-minded patsy named Dudley Dixon who puts his own interests on the back burner so that he can help out his neighbors. In the true spirit of "No good deed goes unpunished," all Horton has to show for his efforts is a wall full of paper citations and a mountain of debts. Realizing that he has been taken advantage of by the less honest townsfolk, Horton does a "worm turns" scene, though he continues to extend generosity for the truly deserving. Also stars: Lois Wilson, John McGuire, Rosina Lawrence, Alan Dinehart. Based on the stage play by Howard Lindsay and Bertrand Robinson. Directed by Eugene Forde & James Tinling. (Twentieth Century Fox, B&W, Region 0, 70 min)

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