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PRIZE, THE (1963)

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A group of Nobel laureates descend on Stockholm to accept their awards. Among them is American novelist Andrew Craig (Paul Newman), a former literary luminary now writing pulp detective stories to earn a living. Craig, who is infamous for drinking and womanizing, formulates a wild theory that physics prize winner Dr. Max Stratman (Edward G. Robinson) has been replaced by an imposter, embroiling Craig and his chaperone (Elke Sommer) in a Cold War kidnapping plot. Also stars: Diane Baker, Micheline Presle, Sergio Fantoni, Leo G. Carroll, Karl Swenson. NOTE: Look close and see John Banner (Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes) and Britt Ekland in uncredited roles. Directed by Mark Robson. (Color, Region 0, 134 min)

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