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Paula Doane (Madeleine Carroll) believes her husband, Vincent (Fred MacMurray), is having an affair, but instead he is only trying to land an account for the advertising agency which he works for. Yet, Vincent is hiding something from Paula - his client is actually his former girlfriend, but, he believes that if Paula knew this, she'd misinterpret everything. In the meantime, Paula thinks the only way to rekindle their romance is to make Vincent jealous. She goes to the Burke Agency to hire an actor to flirt with her while she and Vincent dine at a nightclub. However, Mr. Burke "tips off" Vincent about his wife's plan. He now thinks he "holds all the cards", and will play along with the joke. Yet, the joke is actually on Vincent, when the seating arrangements for the actor are switched, and in his place is seated Claude Kimball, the tycoon tobacco owner. Now the fun truly begins. Also stars: Charles “Buddy” Rogers. Directed by Lloyd Bacon. Also known as: “An Innocent Affair.” (B&W, Region 0, 90 min)



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