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Suburban couple Richard Harmon (Dick Van Dyke) and his wife, Barbara (Debbie Reynolds), have exhausted their patience in their marriage. Bored and no closer to fixing their problems through counseling, the couple opts to divorce, and the proceeding tug-of-war over children, money and possessions reveals that maintaining their marriage was far easier than ending it. Along the way are attempts for both at new relationships, with the subject of alimony playing a hidden role in matters. Also stars: Lee Grant, Joe Flynn, Van Johnson, Jean Simmons, Jason Robards, Shelley Berman, Martin Gabel, Pat Collins, Tom Bosley, Eileen Brennan, Shelley Morrison, Emmaline Henry, Tim Matheson. NOTE: Be sure to look for Doris Roberts in an uncredited role as a hypnotic subject. Screenplay by Norman Lear. Directed by Bud Yorkin. (Color, Region 0, 109 min)

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