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Monty is a short lived American sitcom starred Henry Winkler as Monty Richardson, a loud, obnoxious conservative TV commentator. Richardson had also written a best-selling book titled I'm Right. I'm Right. I'm Right. Shut Up. The series also starred Kate Burton as his wife Fran, David Schwimmer as his left-leaning son Greg, David Krumholtz as his son David, China Kantner as Greg’s live-in girlfriend Geena Campbell and Tom McGowan as Clifford Walker, Monty’s TV show’s executive producer.
Monty hoped to capitalize on the same family dynamic that made the television show All in the Family a success in the 1970s. However, the show was canceled after only five of the thirteen filmed episodes due to low ratings. The show was up against strong competition: ABC’s Full House, CBS’s Rescue 911 and NBC’s Saved by the Bell: The College Years. The show was funny and well-written and had FOX moved the series to another day it most likely would have found and kept an audience.
Following the show's cancellation, David Schwimmer moved on to star in Friends.
This disc contains 4 of the 5 aired episodes.
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